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A Calming Light

Many of us feel at some point in life that we can’t escape a sense of being in a difficult place emotionally. It can be for any number of reasons and cause a wide range of painful feelings and distressing mental health problems. Personal difficulties may be rooted in the past, the present or both. Calming Light Counselling offers a place you can come and talk about things in a safe, confidential and non-judgemental space. Talking together can help find different ways to move towards a brighter future.

Lizzie Elliott (BA Hons)

Hi, I’m Lizzie Elliott, and welcome to
Calming Light Counselling.

My practice in counselling/psychotherapy offers therapy through private consultations to adults of all ages (18+) in a light, airy garden room in Weybridge, Surrey.


I work with people experiencing a number of issues including stress, anxiety and depression. For some, counselling has been recommended by their GP or workplace. For others, friends or family have suggested therapy. Many haven’t spoken to anyone but want to explore their feelings with someone trained to listen and support in a safe, trusting space. 

It can be a really difficult decision to contact a counsellor. You might fear being labelled or considered weak. In my experience, the people I meet are going about their normal lives when something from the past or present starts to make living more difficult. They appreciate just coming and meeting with me to look at their difficulties, finding ways to get back on track.